On 30 January 2019, a ‘reaching out’ charity event was conducted at Pusat Jagaan Siti Nor Aini, Kajang. Prior to the event, a three-week fundraising event was held from 7 until 22 January 2019 in front of the gallery of Block 11, IUKL. In order to raise fund for the charity, the students opened a booth that sells various products and services such as ice cream, henna drawing, sketches and many more. The event was supported by Faculty of Arts Business, Information and Human Sciences (FBIHS) of Infrastructure University Kuala Lumpur (IUKL) as well as sponsorship and donation from the students and lecturers.

During the visit, all committee members including the project advisor, Mr. Mohd Hellis bin Mohd Som presented the collected sum of RM1,000 to the management of the charitable centre and distributed  50 set of goodie bags to the residents.

This event will serve greatly as a corporate social responsibility that would not only help students to organise and learn some set of skills in making the event successful, but to enhance the student’s virtues by giving back to the community.