Protasco Berhad’s Newsletter, the humble publication simply known as PROTASCO will cease to be printed with immediate effect and shall only be available online.  This means, its last hard publication is edition no. 9 in Jan – June 2018.

This decision is made as a positive response to the organisation’s transformations exercise in becoming a more cost efficient organisation, without compromising the need for effective management.

The ‘Protasco’ newsletter is published bi-annually in June and December.  When it first started in 2014, it was the publication that took over the quarterly KISBar.  KISBar ran for 16 years and was eventually reduced to 3 publications in a year before a decision was made for the company’s newsletter to be published only twice a year.  That was the birth of the ‘Protasco’ newsletter.

However, for a relatively fast moving organisation, two publications in a year means that some events reported in the publication will be almost 5 months old before they are shared with the readers.  This doesn’t seem to be in line with the organisation’s  aspiration to be an efficient, high productivity organisation.

In order to ensure that news is communicated as fast as possible the corporate communications department started sharing stories and reports on a fortnightly basis in an e-newsletter shared through emails.  This e-newsletter became known as PROActive, short for PROTASCO Active.  ProActive seems to serve its purpose and was more efficient in the sense that news gets to be shared immediately.  What goes out is not considered stale as everything is done at most within 2 weeks from the time the event took place. The e-newsletter is available at

Hence over time, Protasco the newsletter is eventually reduced to becoming a publication that compiles events that took place in the last 6 months, but remain one of the best reference material and records of events surrounding the organisation.

To be even more effective in its news sharing agenda, it makes a lot of sense for the organisation to start optimizing the facilities available around it.

By turning to e-newsletter, wider audience can be reached and we are also happy that by going ‘e’ also means that we are going green.  More can be achieved by spending less as we will do away with printing cost.  Readers will also be reminded to think carefully before printing the newsletter.

Thank you everyone who has one way or another assisted or played a part in the publication of the newsletter. We hope to be able to optimize the PROActive platform and play an important role in the organisations’s progress.

All events reports and news will be immediately available via