Lim Yew Ting started his career in 1980 in Bank Negara Malaysia as a Bank Examiner in the Examination Department and then was appointed as a Senior Officer in the Accounts Department. In 1986, he was seconded to the Capital Issues Committee, Ministry of Finance and was responsible for processing and supervising corporate proposals.

Lim Yew Ting left public service in 1992 to join Aokam Perdana Berhad as Assistant General Manager and subsequently Rahman Hydraulic Tin Berhad as General Manager in 1996, where he was involved in corporate finance. In 1998, he joined Kumpulan Ikram Sdn Bhd as General Manager, Corporate Advisory and in 2002, he became its Senior General Manager, Corporate Advisory.

Since then, Lim Yew Ting held various positions in Protasco Berhad Group of Companies including as General Manager of Group Corporate Planning, Chief Operating Officer in Kuala Lumpur Infrastructure University College (now known as Infrastructure University Kuala Lumpur) and Executive Director of Group Corporate Office.

His last appointment in the Protasco Berhad Group before his resignation in 2014 was as Corporate Advisor.