Protasco Berhad has lost its Chief Financial Officer.

Mr Ho Chun Fuat just turned 52.  He had celebrated his birthday on 10th May 2019, just 8 days before his passing.  On that fateful Saturday afternoon, he was resting after playing hockey at his home club, the PJ Club. He lost consciousness soon after and was taken to Assunta hospital in Petaling Jaya. We lost him then.  It was confirmed on the following day that it was a heart failure.

Losing him so suddenly took many of us by surprise. We all lost a colleague and a friend.  Protasco Berhad has lost a trusted and dedicated staff, an intelligent and forward looking leader. A family lost a husband and a father. He is a positive man, one who smiles and strikes a conversation with you, making his presence always felt. The corporate office staff struggled to grasp his sudden passing.

Colleagues touch our lives every day.  Staff from his department especially spends tremendous amount of time with him.  We all had our moments with him, either good or bad, but these are the memories that will always be cherished.  Share your grieve of his passing if you must, because that way we acknowledge the fact that he had been a part of us at Protasco Berhad.

In loving memory of Mr Ho Chun Fuat, (10 May 1967 – 18 May 2019). A Liverpool fan. A Protasco  champion.

May he rest in peace.

“We didn’t leave our home today planning not to return” – a quote by Mr Ho’s friend, shared on Facebook

Marina Jaal, GM  Corporate Communications Department